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Applying Here

FPM NRMP Program Code: 1024752CO

We are looking for applicants who wish to be excellent clinicians and desire to impact the health-care system as a whole. These applicants should demonstrate commitment to the ideals of family medicine and preventive medicine, be passionate about whole-person care, possess excellent interpersonal skills, and wish to joyfully serve others with energy and compassion.

Our residency program participates in the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®) through the Loma Linda Family Medicine Residency. We DO NOT accept applications via fax, e-mail, or the postal system. These applications will automatically be disqualified from the program.

Be sure the following are included with your ERAS application:

  • Official copies of medical school transcript and dean’s letter
  • Scores for USMLE Parts 1 & 2 (if taken)
  • A minimum of two letters of recommendation
  • Curriculum Vitae, Personal Statement, and any other material(s) that you feel would enhance your application
  • A clear statement of your desire to participate in the combined training program
  • International medical graduates must have a current Postgraduate Training Approval Letter (PTAL) from the Medical Board of California stating the applicant would be eligible for a California medical license upon completion of two years of graduate medical education. This allows the applicant to serve as a resident physician in the State of California. Please refer to the Loma Linda University Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office for eligibility and other requirements before submitting your application.

Interviews are by written (e-mail) invitation only. Combined FPM Residency Program interviews will be held on select days, generally from October through January of each academic year. Interviewees will have the opportunity to meet with faculty from the combined FPM Residency Program, as well as faculty from both the categorical Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine Residency Programs.  Applicants may concurrently apply to both categorical programs and are encouraged to communicate their interest in both the combined and categorical programs.