Frequently Asked Questions

Why complete two residencies?
Family Medicine specializes in the care of individual patients in the context of their families and communities across all age and illness categories. Preventive Medicine specializes in understanding populations and how systems of care effect the health of individuals. The Family and Preventive Medicine Residency provides both the individual care skills as well as specific experience in stepping back and looking at the big picture of improving health. It should not be considered by someone only interested in direct patient care, or someone only interested in Public Health.

What is the advantage of the combined residency compared to separately completing a Family Medicine Residency and a Preventive Medicine Residency?
The combined residency is more efficient. It can be done in four years compared to five years if both residencies are done sequentially. This is because some rotations are counted by both the American Board of Family Medicine and The American Board of Preventive Medicine. It is also because the MPH is spread throughout the four years of training, a fact that also makes the program fairly intense. (Because of this intensity the combined program should not be considered by individuals with borderline academic skills or low energy levels). There are also advantages to moving back and forth between Family and Preventive Medicine rotations. The skills learned in one area can be applied to the other.

What is the difference between the Lifestyle Medicine Track and the Global Health track?
The primary difference between the two tracks is in the focus of electives and research projects. The way time is spent in some rotations, especially the Preventive Medicine rotations, may also be different. Individuals in the Lifestyle Medicine Track will focus more on chronic disease care and systems to improve that. Individuals in the Global Health Track will focus more on underserved care and systems to improve that.

Do I have to choose an area of strength?
Applicants with specific interests in one of our two areas of strength will receive first consideration. We do not have separate match numbers for each area, but our typical goal is to have two residents from each area of strength in each class.

If I already have my MPH does that mean my program will be shorter?
No. Residents who earned their MPH prior to residency will rotate through the various Family and Preventive Medicine rotations the duration of the four years.

Where do your graduates work?
Our first graduates finished in 2010. We expect them to work in leadership positions that include provision of clinical care and system improvements. This may be in private practice, working with a health care organization, through academia, or government settings.

Can I apply for an elective?
We encourage electives. They can be done in two or week blocks. A two week block would include time in either Preventive Medicine or Family Medicine. A four week block typically includes time in both Family and Preventive Medicine. To apply for an elective you must submit an application through the Loma Linda University School of Medicine Dean’s office by contacting externships@llu.edu.

How do I apply for the residency?
Application to the Family and Preventive Medicine Residency is through ERAS®. In your application please indicate specific reasons why the combined program is attractive to you. There are separate applications for a straight Family Medicine Residency and a straight Preventive Medicine Residency that can be found on their respective web sites.

What do you consider when you look at an applicant?
We look for applicants that have clear commitments to the clinical care obtained in a Family Medicine Residency and the population care obtained in a Preventive Medicine Residency. We like to see evidence of previous activities in at least one of our two areas of focus – Lifestyle Medicine and Global Health. We expect top applicants to be committed to Whole Person Care and the spiritual aspects of health. Evidence of high level skills in communication, service, leadership, and application of clinical knowledge are important.

Do you have a deadline?
We consider all applications received prior to November 1 of each year.

Is there a minimum USMLE score that is required for applicants?
Applicants with USMLE scores greater than 200 or COMLEX scores greater than 494 will receive first consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions – Loma Linda Family and Preventive Medicine Residency Program

Frequently Asked Questions - Loma Linda Family and Preventive Medicine Residency Program