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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What do you consider most strongly when you look at an applicant?
We look at the whole applicant, but our first priority is the “mission fit”. This is a term we use to describe how well your personal mission fits with ours as an institution. We want residents with the sense of calling to give whole person care in an underserved, Family Medicine setting. Secondly, we look for “personal fit”, which describes how your personality, medical acumen, life experiences, and goals interweave with our program.

Are there minimum USMLE score requirements?
No. We look at the entire application when considering an applicant for interviewing.

How many letters of recommendation do you require and does one of the letters need to be from a family physician?
Two letters of reference must be submitted with your application. They do not need to be from a family physician. Letters of recommendation should be written within the last year and should include statements about your clinical fund of knowledge and skills. This person should have directly observed you interacting with patients. We also look for comments regarding attitude, work ethic, teamwork, compassion, teachability, and professionalism.

May I fax additional information to put with my application?
No. Information that is sent through mail or the fax will be discarded. All documentation must be submitted through ERAS®.

Do you have a deadline to accept an application?
No. Interviews will be conducted through the end of December. We encourage to you to apply early so if you have been granted an interview, you will have the opportunity to return for a second look or time to contact our residents and faculty if you have questions.

Do you train residents who are international medical graduates (IMG)?
We consider all qualified applicants. Please refer to the Graduate Medical Education Office to see what requirements are needed for us to consider your application. For more information related to applying as an IMG, please click here.

If I have graduated medical school, but have not yet started residency, can I work in a physician’s office or clinic?
Before the trainees qualify for licensure, they cannot “moonlight” by working in a physician’s private office or clinic. If graduates are unable to gain admission into an accredited training program, they cannot gain clinical experience by working in a physician’s private office or clinic as a trainee or “physician assistant.” Graduates may be employed as medical assistants in a physician’s office if they do not represent themselves as medical doctors or exceed the duties specified in B&P Code sections 2069-2071 and Title 16, California Code of Regulations, sections 1366-1366.4. More information on these laws are available at www.medbd.ca.gov. For questions pertaining to unlicensed activity, you may contact the board’s Enforcement Unit by phone at (916) 263-2424.